Congratulations to the champions of the A.S. LI Defender of the Flame!

Chivalric Defender - Master Airaklee Wolf
Best Monkey - Cecil Loup d'Argent
Keeper of the Flame - Lord Alric Godwinson
Rapier Defender - Lord Edward of the Forest
Archery Defender - Baroness Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva
Bardic Defender - Lady Delilah Alaniz
Brewing Defender - Gulbrandr Njallsen

Thank you to their Excellencies of the Steppes, to our volunteers, and to all the gentles who attended this year's Defender.

Defender of the Flame

The Canton of Glaslyn hosts the annual Defender of the Flame Tournament. Brave warriors help defend Glaslyn and Ansteorra from the terrible Monkey Horde!

See Master Caelin's albums for images from previous Defender of the Flame events.